Uncle Nicolai's Inn

We can save you up to $75.00 for this kind of room over the nearby competition

Room # 1


Uncle Nicolai's Inn, the adjunct to The Pub at the Copper Rail Depot,  offers a variety of rooms for the budget-minded traveler.




Room 1: "DOUBLE ROOM, PRIVATE BATH" on booking.com:

QUEEN bed & Twin bed for up to three adults,

DishNet flat screen; microwave, small refrigerator,

coffee, PRIVATE lav/shower: Available  MID-MAY until MID-SEPTEMBER:  $145.00

Keyless 4-digit entry

Three persons, adults or children allowed.








Room #2



One king bed in a 12 X 12 room with bureau, chair, wide-screen TV featuring DishNet and the Monitor heater:

In the bathroom, is the shower, high toilet with grab-bar, movable clothes hanger device, microwave, coffee service, small refrigerator, table and chairs.

keyless 4-digit entry

For two adults, one child allowed for a total of three persons. $145.00


Hostel Room #3*
Two twin beds


ONLY $85 / night 

Two twin beds with DishNet TV, free WIFI, coffee service and a microwave in a compact room; keyless 4-digit entry; shared bath: adjacent the two lavatory/shower rooms

For TWO persons (adult OR child) only. Includes access to adjacent common outdoor covered kitchen with BBQ & hot water clean-up.


Room #4

"budget double / twin"

ONLY $95 / night


One QUEEN and one twin bed: Free WIFI, Dishnet TV, coffee service, microwave, small refrigerator, adjacent lavatory/shower rooms. Keyless 4-digit entry.

Includes access to adjacent common outdoor covered kitchen with BBQ & hot water clean-up

Three persons: adult and/or children allowed


NOTE: This room (#4) is "shared bath"

Hostel Room #5*:
the Cabin

ONLY $85 / night

The rustic cabin is a 1914 track walkers' line shack--a historic remnant from the long-abandoned Copper River & Northwestern Railway. It contains a very comfortable full-sized bed.

GREAT porch view of Mt. Drum (Wrangell Range).

Also features a flat-screen DishNet TV; coffee service;

and free WIFI;

Keyless 4-digit entry

"Shared" lavatory/showers are in the ATCO building adjacent rooms 3 &4; common kitchen privileges.

Hostel Room #6 * 

"Economy Double"

Best Value for ONE or a Couple at $85.00

Small room with double bed; DishNet TV, free WIFI, microwave, coffee service, "shared bath" is the two lavatory/showers adjacent rooms 3 & 4; keyless 4-digit entry;

TWO PERSONS ONLY allowed for this room

Unit A: 

"Family Room with Private Bath"

$175 to $300

UNIT A, Large Unit:  available MEMORIAL WEEKEND until MID-SEPTEMBER: 


Two king beds, two double beds, two twin beds (8 adults) and a large L-shaped couch that can sleep two children; private bath/shower/lav; kitchen unit with coffee, refrigerator, propane stove top with oven, kitchen sink with dishes, eating utinsils, pots & pans, chairs & seating, and a separate freezer for storing your fish catches out of the adjacent Klutina River:

Keyless 4-digit entry.

$250.00/night with a two-night minimum during the fishing season.  NOTE: Rates are on a sliding scale starting at $175/2 persons; up to $300 for 8 persons.

Hostel Room * #7: 

This room has one DOUBLE bed and one TWIN bed plus DishNet TV, WIFI, Coffee Service, Microwave.

Keyless entry. Shared bath is the two lavatory/showers near rooms 3 & 4 OR the summer bathrooms in the adjacent building.


One Full & One Twin bed    

Three persons + pet is OK 

* NOTE that Hostel Rooms have "Shared Bath." This often means that lavatory and showers are in a separate building.

The owner of Uncle Nic's Inn, which is named in honor of his great-great grandfather Chief Nicolai of Taral, is himself Athna Athabascan. And he is the author of the historic novel "Legacy of the Chief."